Drive carefully, the roads are slick but passable—we will be having our “Understanding the Biblical View of Government” Seminar tonight starting at 7pm, see you then!

This Sunday's Sermon: Gal. 1:17ff “do you people glorify god because of you?” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Word of Truth Church is a congregation of Christians who follow Jesus and His Word. Our primary goal is to see the glory of God manifested in our lives despite our weakness and sin by adhering to the classical definitions of the Christian gospel: faith in Christ alone, by His grace alone, for his glory alone, as defined by the Scripture alone.

We are non-denominational while holding to the Reformed confessions as to all essential doctrines except those that are paedo-baptistic, strict-cessationist, and pre-millennial.  We believe that the sign gifts of the Apostolic era have essentially ceased but can still appear as God sovereignly wills for them to appear.  Word of Truth Church is a member of the Suffolk County Evangelical Ministers Fellowship and the Spurgeon's Fellowship.

Our desire is to see the power of the Spirit-filled Christian life married to the richness of sound exegetical Biblical truth. We place a high priority on relationships, teaching, evangelism and discipleship, while being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit...a typical Sunday service would include blended musical worship, followed by a congregational prayer/sharing time, an expository sermon, bagel and coffee fellowship and then a discipleship class. We don't pass a plate or put pressure on anybody to participate in any aspect of our service; an offering box is available for those who would like to invest in the Kingdom of Heaven by giving to our church.

As an Evangelical Protestant church we affirm that God is externally existent as the three persons of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, yet they are in one in essence and nature – thus the being of God is one. The Trinitarian nature of God is seen throughout scripture and throughout creation.

We affirm that God has revealed himself through creation, our conscience and in his Word. The only absolute and primary revelation is the Word of God. The Word of God is Jesus Christ who is the eternal Son of God – and was incarnated through the miraculous virgin birth as the complete and final atonement for the sins of his people by dying on the cross as the only payment for those sins against God.

We affirm that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is now seated at the right hand of God in heaven making intercession for his people, yet the Word of God is still with us in the “God-breathed” 66 books of the Bible. These books are fully, verbally inspired in their original writings and properly interpreted, the Bible includes all a person needs to understand correct doctrine and practice.

We affirm that mankind is born dead in their sins and trespasses and apart from the mercy and grace of God regenerating their dead hearts, they will perish under the wrath of God for the sin they committed in Adam and in their individual lives. 

We affirm that salvation is a gift of God given to those who are regenerate by the power of the Holy Spirit whereby the Spirit gives that person the repentance and faith necessary to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Upon receiving Christ, the believer is incorporated into the Body of Christ and is eternally wed to Christ as his bride.

We affirm that Jesus Christ will return bodily for a second coming into this world to raise the dead saints bodies from the dead and to rapture His people who are alive at the time he comes through the sky to greet his people. At the end of this world, all true believers in Christ will enjoy the presence of God in the eternal New Earth and in the New Jerusalem, while unbelievers will face the full wrath of God in hell commensurate to the measure of sin they have committed, and this eternal punishment will be fully realized in their destruction in the lake of fire (the “second death”).


Pastor Bruce Bennett has been in bi-vocational ministry since 1987, and was ordained as an elder in 2004 and as a pastor in 2005 at Grace Gospel Church.  He holds a Biblical Studies Diploma from Christ for the Nations, a BA from Dowling College, an MA from SUNY @ Stony Brook and a Certificate from Princeton Theological Seminary.  Pastor Bruce is the founder of Word of Truth Church and with his wife Lynda and their 3 children, have established this church for the glory of God and building up of God's people in the Farmingville/Centereach area of Long Island. 

Deacon Scott Pellegrino has faithfully served his community as a Boy Scout leader for over a dozen years, has started and led the LI Christian Teachers fellowship for 3 years and with his wife Christa, has lovingly homeschooled their two children for over a decade.  Scott’s heart is to see God’s people built up and united with a strong foundation in God’s Word.




SUNDAY PRAYER 10:00AM--SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30AM WEDS. Bible study 7:00pm--call for location




We are located at 1055 Portion Road, Farmingville, NY.

        upcoming EventS and calendar

--join us this weds. for our study of SYSTEMATIC THEOLOGY , starting at 7pm, call for location to the pastor’s house.

—Join us this friday, Feb. 15th, for our worship and prayer night starting at 8pm

—li family coalition will be presenting the free seminar “how to understand and impact the government for the glory of god” on feb. 20th from 7-9pm

—Catholic vs protestant debate series: “Purgatory—Is it biblical?” Matthew Luke Broderick (Yes), pastor bruce bennett (no)—sat. mar. 30th starting at 6:30pm—last hour is dedicated to q+a from the audience

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Contact the Pastor

Pastor Bruce Bennett

631.806.0614 (call or text)

1055 Portion Rd. Suite 2E Farmingville, NY 11738

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--2nd session--The Formal Cause of the Reformation by Dr. Tony Costa

--3rd session--The Glory of God in the Reformation by Pastor Caleb Bunch

--4th session--The Material Cause of the Reformation by Dr. Tony Costa

--5th session--Salvation is Found in Christ Alone by Pastor Chris Pandolfi

--6th session--The Gospel Restored in the Reformation by Dr. Tony Costa

--7th session--Roundtable Discussion with Pastors and Dr. Costa

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Lk. 14:7-11 "Party Etiquette" by Michael McCarthy

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Palm Sunday "The Greatest Week of Irony" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Good Friday Service 2018

Resurrection Sunday Service 2018

Lk. 14:25ff "A Divided Love, is Not a True Love" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 15:1-7 "Pursued by the Shepherd" by Michael McCarthy

Lk. 15:8ff "The Robe, Ring and Sandals, Given From the King" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 16:1-13 "The Greatest Witness" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 16:14-18 "The Delight of God's Heart" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Mother's Day Service 2018

"The Glory of God in the Face of Jesus Christ" by Pastor Todd Madden

Lk. 16:19ff "The Greatest Sign" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 17:1-4 "Are You a Block or a Gate?" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 17:5-6 "Keys to Increasing Faith" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 17:7-10 "Running the Race of Humility" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 17:11-18 "Humble Hearts are Thankful Hearts" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Psalm 2 "United Voices but Only One King" by Anthony Uvenio

Lk. 17:20-21 Series: The End Times--Pt. 1 "The Kingdom of God is Within You" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 17:22ff Series: The End Times--Pt. 2 "Comparing the Differing End Time Views with Scripture" by Pastor Bruce

1 John 3:11-18 "What Love Looks Like" by Pastor Michael Steffens

Lk. 17:22ff Series: The End Times--Pt. 3 "Is it the End or Just the Beginning?" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 18:1-8 "Persevering--the Key to Spiritual Warfare and Character Building" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Ps. 77 "Seeking the Lord in Difficult Times" by Pastor Michael Steffens

Lk. 18:9-14 "Two Righteousness: Self and God's--Which One are you Trusting in?" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 18:15-27 "The Simplicity of the Gospel" by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 18:28-34 “The Joys of Investing in Eternity” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

The Necessity and Blessing of Church Membership by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Ninth Annual Bible Conference—”Creation and the Authority of the Bible” Sep. 21-23, 2018

Session 1 Dr. Robert Carter

Session 2 Anthony Uvenio

Session 3 Pastor Dave Corson

Session 4 Pastor Bruce Bennett

Session 5 Dr. Robert Carter

Session 6 Dr. Robert Carter

Roundtable Discussion and audience Q + A

Session 7 Dr. Robert Carter

Lk. 18:35ff “The Heart Condition that Moves the Hand of God” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 19:1-10 “Jesus Saves the Poor and the Rich—From Themselves” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 19:11-27 “God’s Investment—Where is His Return?” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 19:28-44 “The Dying and Living Jerusalem” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 19:45ff “The Dying and Living Temple” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 20:1-8 “The Authority and Power of the King” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 20:9-21 “Judgment Begins in the House of God” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

John 14:6 “One Way” by Anthony Uvenio

Lk. 20:22ff “Knowing the Scriptures—Knowing the Power of God” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 21 “Giving in Light of Eternity” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 22:1-37 “The Final and True Passover Lamb” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 22:38ff “The Greatest Prayer Meeting” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 23:1-23 “The Greatest Miscarriage of Justice” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 23:24-43 “The King Endures the Greatest Suffering—He Knows Our Pains!” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 23:44-49 “Dying to Live” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 23:50ff-24:1-12 “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Lk. 24:13-35 “A Walk With Jesus” by Kevin Shea

Lk. 24:36ff “The God Who Meets You Where You Are At” by Pastor Bruce Bennett

Gal. 1:1-10 “Would the Real Gospel Please Stand Up!” by Pastor Bruce Bennett